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This Cookie Policy contains important information as it sets out how we, Jingdong Retail (Netherlands) B.V. (“Ochama”), handle personal data of our website visitors, app users and customers (members and non-members) (“user” or “you”) gathered through the use of cookies. Our processing activities may differ if you have registered for an account with us or if have chosen for one of our memberships. Where there is a distinction between the way in which we use the personal data of members and non-members, we will make this clear below.
Please read the Ochama Cookie Policy carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1 About Ochama

1.1 Jingdong Retail (Netherlands) B.V. (“Ochama”, “we“, “us“ or “our“) attaches great importance to the protection of its users' privacy and personal information. We collect and use your personal data when you use our products and/or services. This Ochama Cookie Policy explains to you how we and other members of the Ochama group collect, use, save, share, transfer or otherwise process your personal data through the use of cookies and similar techniques when you, or in the case of business users any individuals acting on your behalf (your “Personnel”), use(s) our products and/or services, and the way we provide for you to access, update, delete and protect that information
1.2 References to Personnel below are relevant only to business users’ use of Ochama. Any references to “your” personal information shall be read as references to Personnel personal information for business users.
1.3 For more detailed information about how we process your personal data not gathered through cookies or similar techniques, we refer to our general Privacy Policy

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